Unlock the Secrets of Construction Delay Analysis: Are You Ready

Are you struggling to navigate through the complexities of construction delays and their repercussions?

Discover the essence of Forensic Delay Analysis in Construction with our course. We will talk in-depth about the contractual entitlements for time claims. In addition, we will study case law and how different jurisdictions deals with delay and concurrency.

Why this training is different?

The primary goal of this training is to provide a comprehensive and integrated perspective on construction time claims analysis from an expert analyst lens. Often, the focus in time claims is narrowly placed on delay analysis, yet this critical component represents just the midpoint of a broader process. Our training goes beyond, encompassing the essential steps that precede and follow delay analysis. We delve deep into recognizing delays, establishing entitlement, selecting the appropriate type of analysis, drafting authoritative expert reports, and mastering negotiation techniques. It's important to note that this training is not focused on quantifying delay (Quantum) but rather on a thorough exploration of the contractual and legal frameworks that determine delay liabilities.

Do you find the concepts of extension of time, concurrent delays, and contractual rights confusing?

Our course simplifies these complex topics, offering clear insights into an extension of time entitlement, concurrent delay assessment, dealing with pacing delays and the contractual & legal landscapes. Learn not just the "what" but the "how" and "why" behind each concept.

April Intake is closed

April Intake is closed. The next Intake will be Jul-24

Training curriculum

    1. Fundamentals of forensic delay analysis

    2. Quiz 1-1

    3. Schedule Creation and key concepts

    4. Schedule validation and critical path analysis

    5. Copy of Quiz 1-2

    6. Live session

    1. Understanding type of delays

    2. Quiz 2-1

    3. Extension of time , prolongation cost, time bar and early completion claims

    4. Quiz 2-2

    5. Live session

    1. Understand and deal with concurrent delays

    2. Understand pacing delays

    3. Quiz 3

    4. Live session

    1. Delay analysis methods

    2. Quiz 4

    3. Live session

    1. Understand expert report

    2. Quiz 5

    3. Live session

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 35 lessons

How this Course Works

This course is a blend of self-study and Live Interactive sessions

  • After Purchase, you will get access to full material by 4-March-24

  • 5 Live sessions will be conducted on Saturdays. A schedule of sessions will be provided on due time

  • You will be part of community to exchange opinions and thoughts

  • Access to instructor through a WhatsApp group

  • Access to Learning management system (LMS) for 1 year. Get the new updates during the year

  • Free access to all related webinars

  • Downloadable Bonus Reading Materials

  • Case studies, assignments and quizzes to validate your understanding

Training Structure

  • Self-Study

    After enrollment in the training, you will get full access to the material for self-study. Reading the material a couple of times before the live session is recommended.

  • Live sessions

    Five live sessions on Saturdays over five weeks to explain the material, discuss the case study and answer questions

  • Case study and assignment

    A case study simulates a real-life project situation that will provoke thoughts, questions, and new ideas. In addition, there are two assignments: one is how to write an expert report and the second for using a delay analysis method.

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April Intake is closed

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Ever wondered how experts assess delays and write professional report?

We've got you covered with detailed explorations of expert analysis and expert reports. Equip yourself with the knowledge to use the right analysis and write professional reports.

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Bonus material

  • Bouns Templates

    Professional Templates and checklists

    Multiple templates and checklists will be added progressively during the training.

  • Bonus Book

    Claim delay analysis book

    Access to 1 claim management book

  • Bonus Articles

    Rare reading material and journals

    Professional articles and journals that discuss the subject matter experts in delay analysis, concurrent delays, and contractual matters

Discover your potential, starting today

Join us as we decoding delay analysis, offering you the tools, techniques, and legal insights to tackle any challenge. Whether you're a project manager or a construction professional, this course is your gateway to becoming a forensic delay analysis expert.

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